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During the shoot, think of me as your honest best-friend and personal cheerleader who just happens to have a camera to capture your most exciting milestones and authentic personality.


My Story


Like many others, the pandemic created a dynamic of uncertainty and I found myself laid off from my dream job in April of 2020.  


I didn’t allow myself to focus on not working, instead, I channeled my energy and promised myself I would do three things each day.  I committed to doing something that aided in professional growth, self-care, and something creative or fun.  If this life event taught me nothing else, it taught me that I never wanted to be completely dependent on a job for financial stability.  Needless to say, this sparked me to start my photography business.


I shared my plan to start a business with my mom and as always, she was 110% in support of it. She gifted me my first camera for Christmas that year (2020), but this wasn’t just a gift to me; it was an investment into my future.  Photography is now my way of giving back to my community.

The rest is history!

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